Thursday, August 8, 2013

in this crazy life

Hi friends! I've been in Columbia all week in class to get my insurance license so I have been really concentrating on studying, not blogging! 

Tyler's parents are coming to visit Friday for the week, too, so I'm afraid I will be gone awhile next week too. 

Needless to say, life is CRAZY! If you're a praying person, we sure could use a few extra prayers to get life to slow down so we can regroup! And i have my huge exam Friday that i have been praying about for weeks! Thanks in advance! 

Also, Thank you for your sweet comments on the formal wedding shots. They turned out so great!

Be back soon but here are a few phone shots to let you know what I have been doing (for fun)!

Surprise flowers from Ty. 

Anna and Will's wedding. 

Awesome 6.2 mile run last night. 

A visit with my BFF and her sweet little girl Lucy Cooper!

Oh and I didn't win powerball. Wamp wamp!

Thank goodness for blogger app on my phone! Then I really would be MIA!



Lauren said...

Good luck on your insurance test!

Meg Cady said...

Prayers for your test!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Praying for you! Good luck!

DeAnna Stephens said...

Good luck on your test. Yeh, we didn't win either :(

In the Pink said...

Good luck!!! Saying prayers for you!

Pearls Go With Everything said...

Hope your test went well! And love the Lilly dress you wore to the wedding! I have a scarf in that same print :)