Monday, August 19, 2013

laws in the lowcountry... for real!

Tyler's parents just left a few days ago after visiting us for an entire week! It was so much fun having them here with us and to show them around our new town. We packed in a lot in a little bit of time, and it was worth every bit!

Tyler picked them up from the airport on Friday in Savannah as I drove home from taking my insurance licensing exam in Columbia. I rushed home, ran to the grocery store to pick up some milk and bread and fresh flowers, and walked into the door at almost the same time that they did! 

We hopped on the boat to put out crab pots. Heather grew up crabbing in Baltimore so she was really excited to get back to her roots!

Ty threw the cast net out a few times and we really caught a lot of shrimp! They were teeeeeny, tiny, though!

We all showered and got ready for dinner at a place none of us had ever been before. The president of Ken's division at Pfizer told him about this amazing restaurant downtown called Griffin Market. They are a delicious Italian restaurant and they have quite the menu! We each had our own small appetizer "antipasti" (I had some sort of fried eggplant and honey that tasted like pancakes!) and then we shared the "primi" pasta. Heather and Ken had a risotto and Tyler and I split a penne pasta with fresh parmesan. I also had a crusted rosemary chicken dish with arugala and fennel. We all had dessert, too! Did I mention that we were a) celebrating the Laws visiting us and b) I PASSED MY INSURANCE EXAM!! It was such a fun night!

We  got up Saturday and had a delish brunch and stopped by the farmers market for watermelon, tomatoes, and peaches. Heather had heard so much about my working at the SC Department of Agriculture and the Certified SC Grown program and immediately spotted the Certified sign!

 Then we headed back out onto the boat to check our crab pots and crab with chicken necks.  We used to crab off of the boat in the creeks at Edisto Beach when I was a kid and I hadn't done it in years. We had a BLAST and we caught a ton of crabs. I had the hot line and was constantly catching crabs!

I had a lot of people ask about my shirt and bathing suit! The suit is from Target circa 2009 and the shirt is from Old Navy Outlet probably the same year! It was perfect for this day because my back was burned!

After we got back to the house, the guys steamed the crabs and we feasted!

Tyler's grandfather's nickname was Hump for Humphries and we now have his crab tools!

 My parents came down on Saturday because Tyler, Ken, my dad, and my brother had a fishing trip planned with one of my dad's friends. They caught a bunch of trout and red fish.

Tyler and his red fish.

All of the guys with their trout.

We cooked the trout for dinner along with watermelon from the farmers market and crab soup!

Monday the Laws drove to my parents for the day to spend time with them.
Tuesday, Ken and Heather invited their friends Shelley and Jeff down for dinner. It was delicous! I highly recommend Saltus River Grill if you come to Beaufort.

We ate outside, hence the frizzy hair we all have!

Wednesday Tyler entertained his parents!
Thursday he and his dad went to shoot sporting clays at Brays Island with Ken's coworker from Pfizer. Supposedly Brays is super nice and has a ton to offer! It is such a gorgeous place from what I've heard and the houses start in the $700,000s! 

Later, Ty and his dad drove to the Lewis's about 45 minutes away to deer hunt while Heather and I drove around with a realtor looking at houses and neighborhoods in Beaufort. Eventually, they want to move to South Carolina and are starting to get an idea of where they want to live. Heather and I also walked downtown on Bay Street and got deluxe pedicures. We had to do girl things while the guys were in the woods!

Ken sent me this selfie of him in the deer stand and I almost died! He is one of the funniest people I have EVER met! Ken is also always making us laugh and setting Tyler straight. I love when we are all together, especially with his brothers. There is never a dull moment.

 Love ya man!

It was so much fun having them here with us and man it is quiet in our house now. Sadly, we won't see them until Thanksgiving, but that will be here before we all know it. I'm so thankful for fabulous in-laws and got so lucky with Heather and Ken.

Love you guys!


The Pink Growl said...

What a fun weekend! Congrats to you on passing your test!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like such a fun visit! All these pictures seriously do make me want to move to Beaufort!!!!

Stacy Kinard said...

Umm that's my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shelley!! That's SOOO funny! I've been following your blog for so long but never commented!! I live in Charleston! SMALL WORLD!! I saw this photo on Aunt Shelley's Facebook too! haha!

Katherine Rebecca said...

Looks like you guys had a great week!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Aw. Sounds like you had such a great week with your family. Tyler looks so much like his dad!! Glad you had a great time. :)

Amber said...

YAY! Congrats on passing your exam, that's awesome!

Your in-laws seem great, and it looks like a fabulous weekend. That Italian food sounds delish!

Brianna Tucker said...

yumm take me crabbing!

megan said...

The perfect Lowcountry weekend. :)