Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Twin Guest Post!

Thank you Shannon for guest posting while I am getting ready for the wedding in a few days! Y'all she is a hoot---- enjoy!!!

 Hey y'all! I'm Shannon and I blog (most of the time) over at Guard Your Heart. I say most of the time becuase I have, unfortunately, fallen victim of a serious mush-brain syndrome over the last several months.

I assume this serious syndrome is no stranger to Miss Charlotte (or wait a second MRS. CHARLOTTE!!!!) as I am afraid it may directly correlated with having a diamond ring on your left hand.

You see, I too, am engaged, and it will not be long until I am also a married MRS. like our girl Char! With the wedding approaching quickly (April 6th!) I have really become a very slack blogger. My sincerest apologies to those who actually read Guard Your Heart, but I could not be more excited about guest posting on Laws in the Lowcountry while Charlotte enjoys this special special time!

When Char asked if I would guest post, I was super excited, but I was uncertain as to what exactly my subject matter should be. Seeing as she is such a terrific blogger, I wanted to make sure I was up to par fo you all, her lovely readers. At first, I was like "Um, duh, Shannon. You will blog about your wedding." but then... I was like "Um, no, Shannon. Your wedding is not that exciting and people are probably tired of hearing you blab about it." But honestly, the fact is that I am tired of hearing myself blab about it! So.. onto the next idea...

I thought I would share with you all why I happen to think Charlotte even asked me to do this guest post in the first place: because we are FREAKISHLY (is that even a word?!?) alike!!

Over the last few months of becoming blogging besties, we have discovered quite a few striking similiarites, and I thought it may interesting/entertaining to some of you if I shared the list. So, whether or not this is actually interesting/entertaing to you at all, here goes nothing....

The ridiculous list of those things which make Shannon and Charlotte confused about their identities:

1. Brown hair, brown eyes.
2. Good ole Southern girls. Both from the great and beautiful state of South Carolina.
3. We were both members of Zeta Tau Alpha, although at different schools, we are the same age, and were active members at the same exact time.
4. We were both Vice President of our respective ZTA Chapters at the same exact time. Hence, we sort of know each other in "real life" from trainings, conferences etc.

5.We were both engaged within the same year and married with two weeks of one another.
6. Not only are we freakishly alike, but, as fate would have it, our fiances are freakishly alike.
7. Tyler and Coleman are both hunting freaks.
8. The boats that sit in our respective front yards may be identical (due the the camoflauge they are covered in).
9. The four of us all love dogs, and both couples are parents to black labs. Although C and I also have a 95 lb. 9-year-old chocolate daughter too :)
10. We both swoon over a good deal, and spend more than one is a suitable amount of time shopping. Especially in the J.Crew outlet.
 11. Similar to the J.Crew obsession, you all will soon enough see that our wedding gowns are very similar in design. If I know one thing froom my days in the bridal business, a girls gown says A LOT about her.
  12. We both adore our friends and family and would do anything to keep a smile on their faces.
  13. We share a serious love for all things of the Carolina Coast. Ty and Char have obviously moved back to the Lowcountry and are loving being near the water just like Coleman and I do.
  14. Being the sweet southern girls that we are, we love our monograms! That being said, please be advised that all wedding gifts should be personalized with the brides new initials. None of this sharing a monogram with the hubs business, please.
  15. As you can see in Char's bachelorret recaps (btw, my bach was also in Savannah, duh.) the girl loves to dance. And yes, so do I. Funny thing is Coleman hates it...Charlotte is this true of Tyler? Wouldn't surprise me if it were!  YES!! SOOO true!
  16. We both think chocolte should be a food group. In all honestly, I had some semi-sweet morsels for breakfast the other day. Opps?
  17. She was editor of her high school yearbook and I was editor of my high school newspaper. We are cool. We know.
  18. Neither of us can stand poor grammar. THERE is a different between THEIR home and THEY'RE home. (Que the fact that we were both editors.)
  19. We were both camp counselors during our high school summers.
  20. We are both SO happy to finally be calling the men of our dreams our husbands.
To be quite honest, I know there are more than these 20. Seriously, it is a problem that we are the same person, but we have come to terms with it, and we hope that you will find our quirky similarities amusing. Until next time friends, here is to hoping that Char is enjoying this time away. Speaking for all of us, we cannot wait to hear all about the big day!!


megan said...

Cute guest post, Shannon! Y'all do have a ton of similarities!

Whitney said...

well I love Charlotte so I must love you too! haha. SC girls are the best :)