Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today was... CRAZY!

So, I get to go home TOMORROW to South Carolina for Easter and I am WAYYYY excited (can you tell!) Tyler left on Sunday because he has more time off than I do, so he has been chilling with my parents and hunting with our friend Matthew. I am so ready to go home and have a break! Not fair he is at MY house right now. Ugh.

While Tyler has been gone, I've been keeping his lab, Sarge, at my apartment. My roommate Audrey has a dachshund who totally rules our apartment so I wasn't sure how Mr. Sargie was going to do with another pup. Sarge is super spoiled by the way.

ANYWAYS, Audrey was sweet enough to let him out to potty when she got home from school today and alas, HE WAS ON MY NICE WHITE COMFORTER! (Yes all caps are necessary). Sarge is NOT allowed on the furniture and knows that. He is very very good and very obedient (he's very hunting trained and is awesome at commands). She texted me and said "Let Sarge out and gave him a rope toy, he's in heaven. FYI He was on the middle of your bed when I opened your door."


Remember: this is what my bed looks like so nice and neat:

This little booger was on my bed!!! Picture it! AHHHH!!

see my WHITE sheets!!!!!
I'm FURIOUS but at the same time I had to die laughing. He is such a punk!

So, I get in my car to go to the hardware store to get a lint roller/pet roller/whatever and to run my car through the car wash again. 

then i locked my keys in my car

And the guy next to me goes, "oh that sucks." Well, MISTER, um I need to get back home. I need to get the dog fur to stick to my duct tape (they didn't have a roller) and I am frantic in the hardware store.

i asked this sweet boy in the parking lot to take me home

I'm sure you're rolling your eyes thinking all the crazy fonts aren't necessary, but they ARE!!! The sweet boy took me home and Audrey took me back to get my car. Thank goodness for spare keys and that they aren't in SC. I wish I could tell you this story in person. It's better than this I promise.

I still have to pack, it's like 7:15 and I have an interview with a candidate aka a girl on my volleyball team at 8:30 and it takes 35 minutes to get there AND then I have a volleyball game at 9:15. No issues with all of this but then.....

our game didn't start until after 10 pm

BUT WE WON OUR GAME (we lose terribly everytime)

Ok, that's enough. That was my day.

I go home tomorrow. I need to get up early. I still have all kinds of emotions (hate for Sarge but not really, exhaustion, excitement from the game and to go home).

So, I'm going to bed. Thanks for making it through my saga if you did. It really was more dramatic than I am portraying it. 

Seriously, thanks for reading!

Ta ta,


Cori H. said...

Sounds like you really did have a crazy day! Sorry about Sarge getting on your sheets. I know I wouldn't have been thrilled with that either! I'm glad you were able to get home after locking the keys in the car. I'm always afraid I'm going to do that. Congrats on winning your game! Have fun in SC! The south misses you! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

wow that def sounds crazy!!! Yay for SC I'm sure it will be nice for you to visit your fam :)

CALLIE said...

Crazy Crazy day!!! Love your bedding colors. So fun! Have so so so much fun at home :)

Anonymous said...

Let that sweet baby on the furniture! I'm sure he would make a great cuddler! Haha! I was laughing out loud at this! I can picture you through it all! Too funny! You are home and I am so excited! Can't wait for Saturday! -Becca

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def VERY VERY nice!! New Follower :-)