Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend in SC!

As you probably know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, I got to go home last weekend for Easter! It was wonderful. Here is the wrap up from the couple of days I was there. I was really terrible about taking pictures and I am so mad about it!

SLEPT IN! Lunch at home (so happy), fishing in the afternoon with Tyler, my grandfather (Pop Pop) and his cousin who is also in his 80s (Cousin Bob). Thursday night we went to dinner with my highschool/Tyler's college friends who met us for Mexican. It was fun and SO good to see friends!

Fishing pics:

Pop's turtle he caught 
At least he caught something!

This was hysterical. Fishing with 2 old men!

Caught in the action

Cousin Bob got one!

My Fish!

Friday: We had leftovers at the house for lunch and I slept in (duh). Oh, Tyler hunted the whole time we were there. He and my dad went every morning, but no turkey was killed. He went hunting with a family friend that afternoon and my mom and I went to the Charleston outlets. YES!

I can't find some of the things I bought, but I got a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from JCrew and I am so obsessed with them. They fit me better than any jeans ever before AND I don't have the issue of them being too low and when I bend down you see my tush! Score. And they were super on sale. They are similar to these:

I also scored some really cute  sandals from Nine West outlet that'll have to get a picture of. I really do love them. I also got a dress for Mary's wedding next weekend (whoo hooo!!). Pictures to come.

For dinner my parents cooked and we hung out.

Saturday: I slept in (hehe duh) and Mom got us Duke's BBQ! So good. Then we went fishing AGAIN! This was such an adventure. During the middle of our fishing trip, we heard a turkey, so Tyler hopped out of the boat to go to the house to get camo and his gun. I called the turkey in while he was gone (geez I am so talented) and then when he got back, he and my brother went hunting for the turkey and I stayed in the boat, drank beer, and fished by myself and caught a bass!

Yes, I did take a self pic!

Saturday night Tyler and I went to my best friend Rebecca (you know, the one who had the beautiful wedding on NYE) and Tripp's house for dinner! We had a great meal and played Michael Jackson Just Dance! So fun! No pictures though :(

Sunday: We went to my church- a small Methodist church at 9 and then my grandfather's church- a bigger Presbyterian church for Easter. I love my grandfather's church! It's beautiful!

My family + Tyler in front of my little church
We had Easter lunch at my grandparents- a full meal! Her famous mac and cheese, butter beans, brown rice, apple casserole, corn pie, country ham, pork loin, apple salad, jello salad, rolls, etc. And ICE CREAM for dessert (plus caramel cake, raspberry tart, and another dish) - yay for Lent being over.

I was very sad to leave home but had a good weekend. It was too short and we are already planning our next trip home. Thanks for hanging in there through my weekend!

Ta ta,


Megan said...

I know you loved being home! Higher waisted jeans are my favorite because I have a huge fear of the whole buttcrack hanging out thing, haha. Your whole family looks adorable :). Glad you got to spend some time recharging!

Mary said...

Char Char,

This looks like such a nice weekend at home! I love the picture of all of you at church on Easter! Can't wait to see you next weekend!