Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Big Girl Purchase!

A house? No.

A new car? I wish.

Instead, I bought....

A kitchen table and chairs!!!

Yesterday my coworker Gayle and I went to the Mexican restaurant and she had never been in the resale/thrift store next to it, so we just went in for kicks and giggles. We walked to the furniture section and BOOM I saw a table and chairs I HAD to have!

I am no antiquer nor do I really get excited about furniture, but I called Tyler immediately and said, how do you feel about a $65 table + 6 chairs for your next house (he's moving soon and has no kitchen table or chairs.) I was a little hesitant and thought about coming back another day but then Gayle just said "Oh  just do it!!!" So, I bought them and was super pumped the rest of the afternoon! I then went straight to Pinterest to get inspiration about how I was going to complete give them a new makeover.

This is what I decided on, thanks to Fran @ eleven-o-one's blog.

Hello inspiration. We are obsessed!

Other inspiration:



This morning Tyler and I went to Arthur where I work to pick them up. Then we went to the hardware store to get ALL of our supplies (yikes so pricy but so worth it). We got all kinds of things. When I get on a mission for a project, I want to do it right away!! 

That's all for now, I promise the whole process will come later. We just finished stripping the table, taking off the awfully ugly chair covers, and sanding the table legs to PAINT tomorrow! 
I'm going to need YOUR help soon thinking of a cute (but semi masculine-ish) print for the chair covers. Hopefully my mom will be good in this department since she is an interior designer! 

Thanks for reading!!

Ta ta,


Faison said...

What a great purchase! ...And what a killer deal!

Whitney said...

That's a great find!! I really need to go into places like that to find things for our house!

Cori H. said...

That's definitely an awesome deal! Can't wait to see the finished product!