Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinteresting: Chair Fabric

I have been super slack about posting pictures of my ideas for my newly refurbished kitchen table and chairs. The table is now in the kitchen (yay!) with the ugly chairs that Tyler "borrowed" from my landlord's storage container behind our house. Hehe. Whoops. I'm ready to get these things finished!

My mom is an interior decorator and she and I have been talking about patterns and fabric for my chairs. Since they will live at Tyler's house (until WE have a house), I don't want them to be super girly. I did buy him a new shower curtain from our beloved Target that is kind of prissy, but whatever. I like it and I look at it! Girly > brown. I was thinking kind of farmhouse-ish BUT I just love bright colors and pretty patterns!

Here are some fabrics/prints that I've seen on Pinterest that are getting my gears turning for my chairs! Which one do you like? Input needed and appreciated!!








Or should I just do a neutral cream? I don't want them to get dirty? What do you think!?

Ta ta,


eleven-o-one said...

Love them all. My best advice is to go with your "happy" fabric. In other words, which ever one makes you happy when you look at them. Cool thing is that even if you do something and then don't like them it's not like you bought the whole store. Just replace them. The old ones can be made into pillows.

For me...i like my dining room to be neutral because then I can decorate it with other accessories for whatever holiday I'm celebrating (or season). But that's just me. Enjoy.


CALLIE said...

Oooooo love them all! 1 and 4 are favorites :)

Megan said...

Oh I love them all! I'm still so excited over your DIY table & chairs! haha!! I'm really loving 2,4,5 though! But you can't go wrong! They're all great!

Whitney said...

Even though, I LOVE #1 I would say to steer clear of fabrics that may not be "in" in the coming years. Sticking with something like stripes or even the last pattern is a good bet, so that they'll be classic!

Claire said...

I love the last one!!! I definitely say go with colors you love and will never stop loving :)