Thursday, March 22, 2012

Running Playlist Help

As I have joined the gym and attempted to start running again, I really need help with some new songs to run to! I usually like really fast-paced/rap/katy perry type songs. See my list below. 

"Good Run" Playlist:
Katy Perry- Firework
Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow
Rhianna- Rude Boy
Maroon 5- Misery
Kesha - Tik Tok
Akon- I'm So Paid
Rhianna- Hard
Pink- Raise Your Glass
Rhianna - Whats My Name
Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say
Katy Perry- California Girls
Avril Lavinge- Girlfriend
Iyaz- Replay
Katy Perry- Last Friday Night
Mariah Carey- Obsessed
Katy Perry- Teenage Dream
Nicki Minaj- Super Bass
Adele- Rolling in the Deep
DJ Kaled- All I Do is Win
along with a bunch of other embarrassing rap songs

Now I need your help. I am tired of these songs.

What are your favorite exercise songs? I welcome any and all suggestions!

Do you have a website you find running songs on?

What's your playlist? 

Ta ta,


Megan said...

I JUST made a new playlist and here are a few of my favs:

All Star- Smash Mouth
Enter Sandman- Metallica (I have no idea if this is a pump up song for other people, it's just what our football team comes out to, ha!)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston
Remember The Name- Fort Minor
Number One- Nelly
Jesus Freak- DC Talk
Make Damn Sure- Taking Back Sunday
My Life Be Like- GRITS
Pump Up the Jam- Technotronic
PYT- Michael Jackson
Semi Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
Slide- Goo Goo Dolls
Toxic- Britney Spears

Cori H. said...

I've also been looking for some good running music! A couple of my favorites right now are "Stronger" - Kelly Clarkson, "Without You" - David Guetta & Usher, and "Fighter" - Christina Aguilera.

Anonymous said...

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson is my absolute fav to run to!

Haley said...

I'm so glad you asked! My running/workout playlist has closely resembled the one you provided from time to time so hopefully some of these suggestions will fit your needs!

Downtown Girl- Hot Chelle Rae
Almost any Glee songs
Kiss Me Thru the Phone- Soulja Boy
Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi
Countdown- Beyonce
F**k You- Cee Lo Green
We Found Love- Rihanna
Sorority Girl- Luke Bryan
Take Care- Drake
When You're Looking Like That- Westlife
My Love- Justin Timberlake
Pretty Girl Rock
Almost anything Sean Kingston

Simply Kelly Blog said...

Anything by black eyed peas gets me moving at the gym. Also buck cherry's crazy b*tch, black betty (forget the band), and luke bryan country girls shake it for me.

Ashley said...

I ALWAYS have a little Kelly Clarkson on my running lists!

Victoria said...

i love me some pink and kelly clarkson :)

i was recently "tagged" and i have passed it on to you,so you are now "it"! the questions and rules are on my blog...if you feel like participating :)

happy weekend!