Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mall of America!

So.. I went to the Mall of America on Monday after 3 long days of working at a trade show. Until yesterday I worked 12 straight days and was absolutely exhausted. I almost didn't go to the mall, but I figured I never go shopping and when would I ever go back to the Mall of America, so I just went and had a BLAST all by my lonesome self! I normally only buy gas and groceries, so I was due for a shopping trip!

Also, I have no idea how to make a photo collage. Someone PLEASE teach me! I just don't have the patience at the moment to create one, so just hang in there through my pics. And help me learn to make a collage puhleaseee. I do have GIMP downloaded on my computer if that helps?

Anyways, I had so much fun shopping by myself! I haven't shopped in forever and needed a pick-me-up from my yuckiness over the past month.

So, here it goes!

My first stop was at the Off 5th Outlet! The 2nd shirt normally isn't my style, but I'm trying to get out of my super conservative wardrobe!

Then of course I had to hit up J Crew because we don't have one ANYWHERE near me and I don't trust buying online with my weird sizes! So excited about spring colors!

Francesca's was my next stop. Again, not one close near me! Probably my fav store!

My first purchase from Forever 21. I usually don't have patience for that store, but maybe that's changed! ;)

Needed new spring sandals so badly. And you can't go wrong with cheap cheap ones!!

I love Francesca's jewelry!

And Charlotte Russe. Cheap.

I want to go back to the mall. So jealous Stephanie is there right now!

Have you ever been to the Mall of America? 

What have you bought fun lately? 

Ta ta,


Whitney said...

I LOVE all of these!! I have a dress from Francesca's that looks just like that except turquoise. I'm totally in love with your striped shirt and pink skirt combo from J. Crew.

I've become a Maxxinista and go there once a week now. Last week I got a top from Talbots, complete with original price tags. It was originally $99 but I got it for $20!

westofprep said...

I love your picks, especially the J Crew and Francesca's things! I haven't been shopping in forever (thanks to living in a tiny dot on the map college town) but I'm home now and so ready to get back into my favorite sport.

Raquel said...

These are some great buys!

Haley said...

So, so fun! I just got back from shopping but I'm not going to lie, this post made me want to go back out! I'm with you on F21... so stressful but sometimes so worth the good finds. Those are the cutest sandals! Where did you find them? I want the golds! :)

Brianna Tucker said...

I love francescas.. i bought that blue dress the other day :)