Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Night Already?

Disclaimer: I got distracted last night and forgot to post! Whoopsies!

Where did the weekend go?

It was so nice  to have a "free" weekend this weekend!

Friday night Tyler cooked venison casserole, a recipe from my church's cookbook! It was so good. Sometimes I am weird about eating deer meat, but this was covered in cream of mushroom soup and even fried  a bit, so it didn't taste as gamey as some deer meet.

excuse the crappy blackberry photo

Saturday Tyler and I headed to Champaign for a couple of stops...

Advanced Auto Parts- so he could pick out things to fix my squeaky brakes and I was the one paying for them!
Hobby Lobby- so I could buy things to craft!
Lowes/Sears/Menards- so he could price floor jacks to lift my car to do the brake work.
Sams Club- to become members! Hello expensive bulk items, but great, great food!
Pier 1- so I could try to use my gift card. Fail.
Petsmart- so Ty could buy Sarge food and nail clippers. Those puppies are so long and gross.
Wal-Mart- so we could finish the grocery shopping. Hello spending more moolah.

I swear when we go into town we spend a fortune, but it is so much less expensive than the IGA here in town! All of this will also last a week or 2!

After we got home, Tyler went to work on my car in the garage while I put dinner together and started my bedazzled monogrammed canvas that I found from Katie at Let's Be Preppy! I worked on it for a couple of hours last night and got this far:

Oh, and dinner was a spinoff of Plain Chicken's cheesy chicken croissants. I altered the recipe some, because last time I made them they were soupy. Our friend John came over to "help" Tyler with the car work, and maybe drink a beer or two.. or fifteen...

Today we headed to church to try out  a church we've been to once before. I think we've found the one!
After picking up lunch, I made homemade Reese's (balls not eggs or cups) for Tyler for Valentines, since we aren't really celebrating. I'll put up that recipe later! I also made a chicken taco soup. Again, recipe to come later!

Finished my bedazzled canvas:

Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial, Katie from Lets Be Preppy!

That was my weekend! Cooking/baking, and crafting!

How was your weekend?

Ta ta,


Megan said...

That canvas is AMAZING! That may just have to be a future project of mine!

Megan said...

Love that canvas! So grateful for our email conversations this weekend :)

Taylor said...

too cute! it came out great! I did a little baking, but wish I had done some more around the apt after seeing this!

Tamara said...

Oh man - your canvas is awesome!! I don't know if I would have the patience!

stacey perrow said...

I never realized that your monogram spelled out CPK - as in , "California Pizza Kitchen." i love it!