Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kendall (+ MM Monday)!

Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends, the princess herself, Kendall!

Birthday Girl Last Year- Big 22!

The big 2-1.. And excuse the terrible tummy. Eek!
Kendall is one of the most incredible people I know! She is a woman of God and exemplifies it in everything she does! Kendall and I became best friends after playing club volleyball together in high school! I guess spandex helps you become friends :) Just kidding, but really we did become best friends and went to both different schools and high schools. Then we both became sisters through ZTA! Kendall is very special to me and will always be one of my best friends! We may live very far away from each other, but we ALWAYS pick up right where we left off! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDALL! Check out her blog!

Now on to Makeover Monday!

This week's topic: lips!

Nothing special in this arena, just some cheap lipstick and lots of chapstick for my chapped lips!

Wet n wild lipstick- all of 99 cents at CVS!

Blistex of course

Eos lip balm. New fav, but doesn't last very long (must be because its organic, whoops did I say that out loud!?!)

So, there you have my luscious lip concoctions!

What do you use on your kissable lips!?

Linkup with Molly and Katie!

Ta ta,


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the sweet comment girlie! I wish we could meet up, that's be so much fun. :) Hope you enjoy your Valentine's day with your boyfriend!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with EOS! I have four! I buy them in bulk. They have lotion too :)