Sunday, November 10, 2013

parties for stewart + betsy

In less than two weeks my cousin and his fiance will tie the knot! I am SO excited to get another girl in my family and it almost feels like I'm getting a sister instead of a cousin! I'm so lucky to have Betsy and Stacey join the Perrow family.

I've been great about taking pictures at their parties and showers, but I haven't been good about posting, so I'll post some of my favorites!

Looking forward to 11-23-13!

Sunday afternoon tea:

Sisters-in-law to be!

Aunt Peggy and her girls

Sunday Dinner Party:

Beautiful table

Bride and groom!

Gift from the hostesses

Bride and her mom and grandmothers

Stewart, Tyler's dad, Tyler, and Pop

 Shady Grove Church Shower:

Bride and her grandmothers and mother

Betsy with some church ladies and her future mother-in-law

Aunt Peggy and her girls

The bride and me!

Beautiful flowers arranged by my grandmother

Delicious cakes!

It has been so much fun celebrating these two! I have one more party's worth of pictures I need to upload for the big day.



Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like such a beautiful day!

Stacey Perrow said...

Cute! But yikes what happened to my hair @ shady grove.